Personalized From Start to Finish

From the moment you reach out to us, we will work tirelessly with you to make your vision a reality.  We can provide a full meal with decorations or simply an arrangement of appetizers to please your guests.  From birthday parties to weddings, family gatherings to board meetings, and everything in between, we will help you create a moment to remember.

Excellence in every moment

No matter the size, no matter the budget, breakfast, lunch, or dinner, we have something for you.  Check out some of our most popular lunch menus.

$8 to $10 per person

Incredible sliders - you pick between Italian pork, ham and cheese, or turkey and cheese

A delicious soup delivered hot and ready to serve

A couple of desserts to  top everything off

One of our popular lasagnas cut and ready to enjoy

Fresh salad, complete with all of the dressings

Fresh, piping hot bread

Dessert, of course

Chicken or veggie enchiladas, or some combination of the two

A salsa and queso bar

Beef burritos sure to please everyone  in the room

Chips and toppings included

Whether you pick one of the favorites from above or choose to forge your own path, we promise quality food and thoughtful service for an unbeatable price!