Meet The Team

We have crafted Good Batch Mama to be a way for your families to come together, but in doing so, something amazing occurred:  it became a force to bring us together as well.  Check out how it all fits! 

Adam Rosenbalm

A self-titled entrepreneur and the resident "numbers" guy, I work behind the scenes to build the business of Good Batch Mama.  You hear from me often through our weekly emails and see my work on the website, and I have met many of you on our regular delivery runs.  I am currently a student in ETSU's business program, and I am blessed to honestly say that I am working my dream job even before graduation. Entrepreneurship and small business ownership have long been a passion of mine, and now Good Batch Mama has made that goal a reality. The love I have for my family and the wonderful time spent with them inspires me to drive forward the mission of Good Batch Mama to bring as many families together as possible.  So in that spirit, I hope you enjoy some great food, laugh until you cry, and make memories that will last a lifetime.


Elizabeth Rosenbalm

A small business owner at 47?  Not long ago, this wasn't even on my radar.  In fact, as a teenager I would have never dreamed I would be a wife and mother of five, much less a good cook.  Because of my Italian heritage, I grew up surrounded by amazing chefs in my mom, my aunt and my grandmother; yet I left all the cooking to them.   However, over the years, my passion for learning what these wonderful ladies knew began to grow.  I didn't want to lose that tradition, and I wanted to somehow create in my own family the same atmosphere they had managed to create in theirs during my childhood.  That vision, coupled with the fact that my family needed food, has led me here.  These days, I spend most of my time preparing (and freezing) food. This food not only feeds the hungry bellies that so often dawn my door, but also many loyal customers and their families.  For me, "feeding" is so much more than putting food on the table.  It's about building relationships, making memories, and creating a safe environment to laugh, cry, and just share life.  So while I may not be the original "Mama," I'm certainly proud to be a part of such a great heritage that I can now share with you, so you too can hear, "It's a good batch, mama!"




Behind the desire for passion, creativity, and love that I want to cultivate in myself and those around me is one thing: family.  My husband and my daughters are the inspiration for every single thing I do.  My brothers and sister are my biggest supporters, and my parents provide the foundation which has allowed me to sculpt the life I am now beautifully surrounded by.  Good Batch Mama embodies family, from who our team is to what we stand for.  Being involved in a company that encompasses my core beliefs ignites a passion in me. It allows me to use the entire spectrum of who I am, and has gifted me the opportunity to use not only my organizational skills, writing ability, and love for design, but also my motherhood. Taking what I know and am learning about family, tradition, and being a mom, and placing that into the foundation and heart of a company is incredibly empowering to both Good Batch Mama and me.