Family is everything

...and time spent together is time well spent.

All of my life, the best family memories have been made around the table. This tradition began with my childhood dinners at home and at my grandparents, and it later grew to the treasured dinners with my children.  However, once everyone started to grow up and life got busy, these precious moments became increasingly rare. There simply was not enough time to do all that went into a quality family meal.  A change had to be made.

From these circumstances, I formed my first Cooking Club. In its earliest days, we were a few moms who gathered once a month to prepare a few meals to freeze and cook later, when time was short but dinner was needed. As we continued, our numbers grew, and soon these and other parents asked me if they could purchase meals instead, and the rest is history! 

Good Batch Mama exists today with that same mission it began with all those years ago: save my favorite time in the whole world.  I hope our food is not only delicious and fulfilling, but also brings you and yours together like never before.  I promise you will never forget it.

Here's to family!

Elizabeth Rosenbalm