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New Baby?

We want to give you a free family meal


Meet The Chef

Elizabeth is a loving wife and mother of five who knows all about busy evenings...but you can really only order pizza once (okay maybe twice) a week and still feel like a champ. In lieu of this, she started freezing meals ahead of time for that same homemade taste without the pre-dinner time stress. Naturally, since she always had food, her home became a hotspot for hungry teens and wandering rumbling tummies, earning her the name “Rosenmom”. With the encouragement from those around her who had experienced her cooking, she took her passion and made a career, giving you Good Batch Mama. 

Tel: 423.460.6262  

Email: meals@goodbatchmama.com

Catering, but just a little different...

What do we mean by that? Our commitment to you is to craft the event of your dreams, which means we work with you from step one.  Also, unlike most caterers, no job is too small for us.  In fact, the small gatherings are among our favorites to be a part of.
No matter the occasion or the budget, we will do everything we can to make your day amazing.

Excellent prices for delicious homemade foods.  So easy, just bake!! Liz is so sweet and the fact that she delivers your meals to you makes it a no-brainer.  You can't make a meal yourself for this price!

Kerri Duncan